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1. Cap, Gown, and Regular Tassel
2. Cap and Gown with Mascot Tassel
3. Cap and Gown with PremiumTassel
4. Custom Announcements (Package of 10)
5. Cap and Gown with PremiumTassel

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We know.... you are anxious... don't worry. We have never in 28years had a student not have a cap and gown for graduation !  And....... You are not going to be the first !

WILL I GET MY CAP AND GOWN ON TIME? Yes, your cap and gown will be delivered to your home address. 

WHEN WILL I GET MY CAP AND GOWN ORDER?  All orders placed during January- March, will ship starting LATE MARCH.  Beginning with April orders, you can expect your order in about 1 weeks time.

WHEN WILL I GET MY ANNOUNCEMENT AND CAP AND GOWN ORDER? Announcement orders will ship 1 week AFTER the on-time orders are distributed at school.  This translates to mid-late April for most schools.

WHAT IS THE LATEST DATE THAT I CAN ORDER MY CAP AND GOWN?  Two weeks prior to your graduation.  But try not to do that..... really.

PENDING and SAVED  ORDERS - This is like Junk Mail  or the kitchen drawer for us. We go through and clean up every week. So if you have an order that you printed out and didn't do anything with it within a weeks time, discard it and start all over.